Why CF Industrial?

From pioneers from the very beginning to the international experts. It all began in Ameide. The brother of the founder of CF Industrial had a car spraying booth that blew out unfiltered spraying fumes. This caused pollution. The car-spraying shop was forced to filter its air. As pioneers the brothers began to work, leading to the creation of a cylindrical active carbon filter. This was the cradle of the current high-quality air filter technology that CF Industrial has been inventing, developing and manufacturing for its customers worldwide ever since. High-quality filters with active carbon that are used to improve and optimise air technical applications. More than any other material, active carbon has the qualities to absorb and neutralise every odour, gas and molecule in the air.

At CF Industrial, you have come to the right place for any question about air treatment. We answer our customers’ questions professionally, quickly and expertly so that they, in turn, can advise their customers. Depending on the demand, we deliver the necessary air filters in standard measurements filled with the desired active carbon. Because we manufacture our filters in Europe, we can guarantee fast delivery very competitive prices. We also offer solutions for customers with deviating measurements, panels, cassettes or other special requests. Our air filters stand for quality, sustainability and innovation. In order to guarantee these core values, we have a hi-tech and professional team of employees that works with great enthusiasm and passion. A team that our customers can trust and rely on. And that begins with ‘an honest man is as good as his word’!