Our Work

Particulates that are harmful to the environment, very fine air pollution, smell and odour molecules, undesired gases… they are a threat to the health of people and animals and can damage machines and production means. With its active carbon filters, CF Industrial offers a unique technology in the area of air filtering, creating a safe and healthy work environment.

Our factory in Meerkerk manufactures filter cartridges filled with active carbon (chemically or thermally activated coal) for eliminating odours and gases or adsorbing smelly or harmful substances. The filter cartridges are manufactured according to internationally standardised measurements. If necessary, we can adjust the length or diameter of the filter. Depending on the wishes and applications, our air filters are delivered in galvanised steel, stainless steel or plastic. Our filters are used by our customers in the catering sector, laboratories, airports, hospitals, industrial buildings and industrial manufacturing environments.

In addition to our standard designs of cylinders and cassettes, we also offer custom-designed air filters. Depending on the air conditioning system and the results of an air measurement that we carry out in our laboratory, we develop and manufacture a filter in the desired shape and design. That is how we create efficient and reliable odour, gas and air treatment for every environment and application.