Our customers

For years, countless installers, facility management agencies, filter dealers, filter manufacturers, air conditioning system developers and manufacturers of laboratory closets have been satisfied customers of CF Industrial. Our filters with active carbon are shipped worldwide, from Europe to Australia.

Our customers regularly ask us to actively think along with them about orders and/or questions they receive from their customers; questions about how to improve and optimise air technical applications for air treatment, air purification and/or odour control. These include the most varying questions. After all, the requirements set for air filtering vary substantially from industry or hospitals to cleanrooms; for example: for one, absorption of harmful substances is crucial whereas for another, it is dustproof or even bacteria-free air.

Thanks to our experience, we know exactly what’s going on in the market. We know the needs of our customers and have the knowledge and expertise to achieve a useful, sustainable and efficient solution with active carbon filters. Our customers’ problem is our problem until it is solved; that is our approach. That is why our motto is: we have a solution or we create one. We do this with one objective in mind: together with our customers creating the optimal odour, gas and air treatment for their customers. In short, clean air in schools, gyms, restaurants, airports, theatres, factories… CF Industrial makes it possible!