Knowledge about activated carbon

Since the start of October 2015 we have been able to carry out air measurements for our business partners. These measurements enable us to ascertain the component concentration present in airflows.

Furthermore, for some time now we have made welcome use of a partner laboratory in Germany where we can have carbon analyses undertaken. The purpose of these analyses is to gain insight into how far activated carbon has become saturated in filters and which components have been captured. The analysis results are summarised in a concise report and then fed back.

Depending on the particular wishes of a client and based on a carbon analysis and/or an air measurement we can provide comprehensive advice on the following:
-meeting emission standards
-striving towards permanent odour reduction
-protecting technical equipment and installations
-extending the lifespan of activated carbon filters

All needs are met: filter cartridges, filter panels, activated carbon in bulk or bags, and pellets (2mm, 3 or 4 mm activated (im)pregnated carbon). All together the features of a particular air treatment system, our business partner’s wishes, and our expertise determine the type of carbon deemed most suitable.