CF Industrial thinks along the same lines!

Filter Service Heerenveen (FSH) is a concept in itself when it concerns air filters. For over 30 years the company has been producing standard and customised air filters for paint spraying businesses, fitting contractors, the foodstuffs industry and the public sector. FSH’s core business lies in dust filters. For those clients striving for clean and odourless air, we collaborate intensively with CF Industrial (CFI). Pieter Klinker, commercial technical executive at FSH, tells us more.

Over the years FSH has evolved into a renowned specialist in the manufacture of dust filters. The air treatment of countless office premises, cinemas, airports, hospitals, printers, factories and car paint spraying businesses have all been equipped with FSH air filters. And as soon as odours or harmful substances have to be removed for FSH clients, CFI is immediately called upon. This collaboration started over 20 years ago. “At the time CFI was looking for a filter that could protect their activated carbon filters against dust in particular. We developed a filter mat at the time that was mounted around the carbon filters with a self-adhesive band. This concept underpinned the filter socks that we still make for CFI to this day”, explains Pieter Klinker. He continues: “The great thing about our partnership with CFI is that our products link up perfectly and we’ve been able to expand our range of air filters with activated carbon filters. Over and above regular air treatment we can now also assist our clients with deodorisation of noxious odours or with capturing harmful gases.”

Definitive experts
One of FSH’s specialities is the air treatment of paint spraying businesses. As such recently the company undertook paint fume extraction at a large lorry manufacturer. “At paint spraying businesses we certainly make much use of CFI’s activated carbon filters. The deployment of these filters in such an instance primarily focuses on combating the odour and spread of harmful substances. At present it’s not yet mandatory to utilise activated carbon at paint spraying businesses. Yet, however efficient dust filters are, they do not prevent odours from spreading.” In recent years FSH has completed numerous projects with CFI. “We don’t then merely use the filters, but also CFI’s expertise; they think along with us proactively. For example, CFI advises which activated carbon filter should be used. If a client wishes to have particular gases or glue fumes efficiently filtered, it’s crucial then to know precisely which gases or fumes that involves. CFI investigates that on our behalf and subsequently determines which form and type of activated carbon is required. For that we select our own pre-filters, so that the client ultimately has the correct filtering in place.”

Pieter Klinker describes the partnership with CFI in one word: super. “The quality of the products and solutions is exceptional. CFI offers optimum filtering at an excellent price-quality ratio. We deem quality, durability and cost-efficiency to be vital. Not just for CFI but for us too. So in that regard we’re singing off the same hymn sheet. They are an exceedingly reliable partner, together with whom we can confidently look ahead to the future, which we are doing!”
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